Confident, intuitive and extremely knowledgeable, Abi moves and molds me in ways I didn’t even know I needed.  As a photographer, my work is very physical, carrying heavy equipment and doing intensive editing work in front of the computer. Abi has helped me tremendously with back, wrist, shoulders and neck pain, injury and stress. She is a true healer and works magic.
— Raquel Reis, photographer

With bodyworkers abounding in our area, Abi Keene stands out as one of the gifted ones! Truly, my shiatsu sessions with Abi restore, replenish and renew me in a profound, transformative way. Abi competently and naturally integrates the depth of her skill, compassion, intuition and integrity into a rich bodywork experience.
— Deborah Adamy PH.D, LMSW, LMT

Abi is a truly great healer. So intuitive. She’s wonderful and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Tashi Dolma, OMD, L.Ac

Abi’s respectful, gentle, mothering, therapeutic touch has been a profound and positive force in my life. I even feel it in my work as a registered nurse and in my relationships with my patients. I have been under Abi’s care for three years now and could not recommend her more. She is not only a gifted bodyworker but a whole person healer. She creates a trusting space for experiences to arise. I find myself becoming present to not only my physical body but also my emotional and spiritual selves. Abi is so wholesome and respectful that I feel safe to acknowledge what arises within myself and also at times out loud to her. I also have a serious scoliosis and I feel certain that my sessions with Abi help relieve pain and release imbalances.

Abi helps me to not only get back to balance physically but also emotionally because the level of relaxation and release that happens in our sessions rejuvenates me on such a deep level. Beyond all of this I find Abi to have an extraordinary touch. It is as if her hands are psychic in anticipating and supporting my own body’s organic search for release and balance.
— Kari Lindstrom, RN

Abi Keene is a gifted, intuitive healer. I love her work!
— Ron Wish, MD Director of the Great River Craniosacral Therapy Institute

I treated myself to a session with Abi in late 2017! She is wonderful! My very first shiatsu session ever. I had no idea what to expect. While not on a massage table, on the floor, I thought to myself how is she going to manipulate my body while I am in the floor? My session was incredible! I had my eyes closed the whole session so I could focus on the experience. I did not see how Abi moved around me to work. All I can say is she is powerful in her intent. The care and intuitiveness is ever present in her touch. Thank you Abi! I will be back in 2018!!!!
— Claudia Bonilla
 There is nothing like a massage therapist that really knows what they are doing. The type of massage that Abi is fluent in, I have a long association with as being an extraordinarily healing method. For anyone that has only had traditional Swedish techniques this is an enormous treat and so powerful. When you feel especially happy after a session with Abi.. you know you’ve done some powerful healing.
— Candice Robins

I had the BEST experience with Abi while getting a shiatsu massage. I literally had an outer body experience, she made me so relaxed that I felt like I was floating for days afterwards. I have since sent both my mother and husband to Abi for massage and they both agreed, best massage ever! Thank you Abi! I will definitely be back!
— Karin O'Shea

Every week I look forward to my weekly Shiatsu session with Abi Keene. Every time is surprisingly different because she is tuned to what is going on. It’s the one place during my busy week I know I’ll get a good relaxation.
— Amir Landsman

Abi has the magic combination of the very best body workers: intuitive hands, thorough kinesthetic knowledge and the generous nature to sensitively respond to every body’s unique needs. After a session with Abi, your step is lighter, your heart is brighter and you have renewed energy to your own life and work. She is one of the truly gifted, and her work is to share her gifts with us.
— Heather Harpham

I’ve been having work done approximately once every 4 to 6 weeks by Abi -She’s an amazing healer and the work she does has tremendous staying power. I always feel extremely healed for the specific aches and pains I go in for but aside from that the rest of me becomes energized it’s just an amazing thing. And I feel we are so lucky to have her in our little community of healers! She is the real thing!
— Lisa Snyder

Abi is truly gifted! An hour with her is better than a good night’s sleep! This is the best gift you can give yourself.
— Emily Klein

I can’t say here how good I feel after getting shiatsu by Abi. If I did, she’d get too popular and I’d never get an appointment! But that would be selfish, so I’ll take the risk. Best bodywork EVER. Abi just senses & feels what my body needs in a way I’ve never experienced. She can work the knots in a way that is gentle but so effective. I feel so much looser after, but without the soreness I used to get after deep tissue massage. Abi is a stable in my wellness regimen. The best!
— Chris haviaris

Abi is Amazing! You will feel incredible after a session with her!
— Laura Kallen

Abigail is not your average massage therapist. She has the ability to deeply connect with each person and sense their individual physical needs. Her hands are truly magic!
— Agapi Ermides

Treat yourself to a shiatsu session with Abi, a gifted and natural healer. You’ll find it’s a re-set on every level: mind, body and soul. Her work is done with integrity and presence.
— Catherine Goshen

I try to get to Abi at least every other week. She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly where muscles are tense or aching. My husband also tries to get a session with her a few times a month. Feel so lucky to know her and experience shiatsu and cranial sacral therapy with her. She is just the best!
— Bethany Ball